We offer complete support for homeschool and Charter school children.  We can help in any subject or do the work with the children each day.  If a mom has to work her child still gets the benefit of home school here.

Language and Literacy:  We use a reading program that works well with most children including ones with special needs.  We learn to recognize letter sounds, combination letter sounds, to sound out words as well as understanding sight words.  Our students advance quickly as we begin reading fun stories.  We use observation to understand the level the child is at and begin there.  We also write stories and illustrate them.  We use literature to expand our vocabulary and comprehension.  The children retell the stories and discuss with the teacher how they would have changed the people's or animal's action in the stories.

Our art program focuses on drawing and using pastels and water colors.  It goes well with the reading program. 

 Our math is very hands on. For example, if we are learning about money, we use real money to buy or rent real things here at school.  It is a lot of fun.  We cook using fractions and make it a base to work from.  As the fractions become more complicated, it gets harder to still make a good loaf of bread, cookies, pie etc.  Mistakes are self-evident, and we use our tools to figure out what to do next time.  Math also is fun to do with Literacy as part our literacy program.  For example, if we read “The Little Red Hen”, we grind up real wheat, measure the wheat berries before grinding and after.  The child will bake his or her loaf of bread.  Does bread really taste better when you make it yourself?

In the Spring we get baby chicks and the children observe changes, detect patterns in their development, feed and water them, weigh and measure them. Chart their growth and make predictions about his or her chick.  Each child may keep his or her chick or leave it at the school.  Of course, children are always welcome to visit their chickens.

We also support a Meet Up group for homeschool children in Lakeside.  Go to Meetup.com and click on Lakeside Christian Homeschool.