ABC Wonder Years

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                        We are also providers for Inspire Charter School and  Greater San Diego Academy

Reading and or Math tutoring 2 hours each day Mon-Thurs

Fun reading program.  We start where your child is at and build reading confidence in fun ways.
We use the Distar reading program because it works well for children remedially and for children who just want to read better.  We supplement the Distar program with games and fill in any areas needed.

Math tutoring:  We try to make math as hands on as possible, using money, cooking and music etc.  We try to use math as part of real life.

Weekly Program:  Since reading is involved in every part of education, usually children struggling to read also are behind in other topics also.  We also offer a two- hour class, Mon -Th, teaching Language and Literacy, math, science and art.  Students complete assignments here and use to practice at home what they have learned. offers games, fun ways to practice math and reading concepts.  We go on field trips to enrich our learning. 

Hands On Science:  We about things that interest children in their lives right now.  Our children last year were really into watching Hawaii’s volcano, so we did projects about volcanoes.  We also have chicks each year, the students make graphs and growth charts, estimate weight gain, observe and predict, care for and may take home their chick at the end of the year.  (We will be happy to keep it here and the children may visit their chickens.) 

                                  Services free for parents, paid by Inspire or GSD Charter Schools

                                                    Math or Reading tutoring per hour:  $25.00 

                                                      Weekly Program per month: $200.00

Inspire and Greater San Diego are charter schools.  You have the freedom choose curriculum and the charter schools pay for enrichment programs.  We are paid under that program.  Your child will progress at his or her own pace.  The great thing is that when a child is interested and the work is at the right level, success just happens.