see each child as a unique child of God who deserves appreciation for his or her unique qualities.
Each child has ideas and interests and talents. We nurture their talents and help them find new ones.  Each child learns according to his or her learning style.  We teach for multiple learning styles accepting all equally.  Our days are filled with fun and learning. 

Success and growth come from encouragement and positive feed back. Our teachers focus on building every child’s self esteem and confidence through his or her small personal successes.   Every child can learn and does learn. We are committed to help each child to have individual successes through one one one teaching, fun group activities and games.
A child see’s the world around them with wonder and awe, we believe in encouraging their natural curiosity.  Because we are outdoors most of the day children are able to observe, touch, smell, predict, measure and express thoughts about the natural elements in their preschool day.  We believe through positive, nature based experiences children learn how to learn and to enjoy learning.  We use positive intentional teaching to make sure each child understands and is progressing at his or her own pace.  You will be able to see your child's growth from beginning to kindergarten as we document it through his or her personal portfolio.   

We nurture children's natural kindness and helpfulness as they practice being Choose the Right super heroes.  We teach pro-social behavior through stories and discussion. Each child receives a CTR ring. We teach the children to help if someone is hurt or crying. We teach simple first aide. The children are able to bring another child a drink of water of a cold paper towel. We notice and praise each effort.

We believe social skills are important to a child's happiness.  We teach children phrases and actions that will help them all the way through school. We help children develop friendships.