Education built around your child's interests and needs.

Each child’s special needs are met here by using strategies we have set for your child. For example, if your child enjoys learning through musical activities, we could sing the letters in your child’s name as we point out each letter.  We could tap our feet in rhythm as we chant the letters. 

We interact with parents accepting advice and sharing what we have discovered so that we will all be proficient support for your child’s success. 

We are project based.  For example, each year we learn about farm animals. After reading about them, we observe them.  Our school is located near cows, horses and donkeys.  It is a short walk to see them.  As we read a story we talk about what happened. When we read the “Three Pigs” story, we decided to make houses of sticks for our pigs made from egg cartons.  Each house and pig turned out different. See picture on the bottom.

 We always get little chicks.  This year our chicks were 2 days old.  The children observed, helped care for and held them.  They measured the chick’s growth and charted it.  We observe the chick’s shapes.  Three-year-old, Jackson noted “His head round circle.  Beak triangle.” We look for patterns in a chick’s day.  We compare our lives with a chick’s.  Lillyanne, a former student said, “The chicks flap, poop, peck, eat, sleep and peep.  I eat and sleep but I never flap or peep.” 

We draw chicks and read books about chickens.  One book we love to read is “The Little Red Hen”.  We can act it out.  We make bread just like the Little Red Hen.  We hold wheat berries in our hands, grind up the wheat into flour and follow a rebus to make bread.  Each child participates and makes his or her own loaf of bread to take home.  Last year’s chicks are now big chickens and lay eggs for us.  The children help gather the eggs. See pictures below.

 Although we have monthly projects, we investigate a child's interest the same day he or she brings it up.  For example if a child finds a lady bug or a lizard we will construct a fun learning day while continuing to work within the child’s learning style. We have bug catchers and lizard hotels so we can observe, measure, draw and learn what this animal eats, where it sleeps and what category it fits in, (bird, bug, mammal, reptile). We have many books on the local animals and bugs found in Lakeside. The children are asked what they remember about the animal and we often make up stories about the animals.  We are able to cover all the domains of learning using any topic.

We use a modified version of Zoo phonics because it is fun and uses the whole child as we sound out, sing and act out the zoo animal letter sound.  We teach math, science, social skills, music and phonics each day.  We use Distar reading program for children in transitional kindergarten and meet both stem and common core standards.
​This year we have added the Khan Academy program for kindergartners. We work with the students as they work on the computer and they meet with the other children for free choice and play time.

We have a book on that includes fun ways to expand your child's knowledge. Look for "Alexander's Bad Tooth". Two more books will be coming out later this year. Our lesson plans include holiday celebrations and each child's Birthday.  We have an annual family Christmas party, in school Easter Party, and we make cupcakes and have a birthday celebration for each child. Below1st row: holding chicks, measuring chicks, 2nd row: Making bread, Bottom row: Making houses for "The Three Little Pigs".

We learned about volcanoes.  The children made a volcano, on our field trip we got to touch lava rocks.