Welcome to ABC Wonder Years Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten and Tutoring for ages 5-11​.  
We are providers for Inspire and Greater San Diego Charter Schools so we can offer our services for TK and above free to families.  See tutoring page.

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August 15: 10-12:00 Slow start day, come check out our school and meet your friends and teachers.  Open enrollment from 10 am to 12. 

Classes begin September 4th, 2018
Monday – Thursday    

AM Class 9:00-12:30  

PM Class 12:15-4:15

​We also enroll for full day, 8:30-4:30. 

We have options for children who need to arrive early or stay late.

Please Note some changes in our rates:

Enrollment fee $50.00

AM or PM class rate $349 Month

Full Day $698.00

10% Discount for 2nd child

10% Discount for complete yearly payment by Sept 4th,2019

Only 1 discount per child

Military Discount 

 We are unique both in our outdoor environment and in how we meet individual needs.  We offer both preschool and transitional kindergarten classes.  Our children have a proven success record as they move on to elementary school.  

 We spend most of our time outdoors.  We believe that children learn through using their whole bodies and that health and fitness plays a large role in child development.  We have an outdoor class room, covered cooking area, and an acre of room to run and play.  We have a large track for riding toys and a tire obstacle course. 

 We supply healthy snacks  and filter the water.  We use whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables.  The children will participate in cooking.  They will learn how to make a sandwich, bread, pizza, play dough etc.  We us organic as much as possible.  Children attending for whole day will need to bring lunch.

 We use a variety of teaching methods.  We use informal and formal assessments to understand how your child learns and teach individually according to his or her learning style.   We map out a strategy for your child’s success and each day is carefully planned and thought out to bring a successful outcome.  We build skills that are a base for all future learning We use 33 areas of competency.

We are a Christian preschool.   We use Bible stories in our teaching.  We begin each day with prayer and say grace over the food.  We do not teach any individual church doctrine, but focus is on each child's great worth as a child of our loving Heavenly Father, gratitude for this beautiful world and being Choose the Right Super Heroes by choosing the right and the kind thing to do. 

Our teachers love the children.

Linda Harvie, owner and teacher of the transitional kindergarten class has spent years learning about and teaching small children. She knows what they need to learn and is innovative and fun. Adding a preschool to the back of her home and making an outdoor classroom enables the children to have the best interaction with nature.  "I love the moment when a child understands a concept and is able to do it.  Suddenly the child beams with joy and confidence."  Every year her dream comes true, as her children graduate and are successful in elementary school.

Miss Rachel ​is kind, smart and loving.  She has several degrees and years of excellent teaching experience.

Miss Ariel:  Volunteer assistant, is a fun addition to our school.  She loves to help the children have a fun day.  She donates her time and money to the preschool. 

Miss Julie taught at ABC for several years.  She also loves the children and is dedicated to their best welfare and success.  She is our office manager and substitute teacher.

ABC Wonder Years

Preschool, Free Kindergarten and Tutoring ages 5-11
10815 Dollar Court, Lakeside CA 92040